Why Shop With Us?

This is actually a more interesting question than it might appear on the surface.

Here at TGBW HQ, we take immense pride in our products and the Partners who made them. We know that you can shop cheaper; we also know that many of the big brands are covered in labels such as ‘British’ and encourage you to support farmers and producers by shopping with them. Trust me, if you’re buying 2 chickens for a fiver, you’re not helping producers or chickens even if both are British. Don’t get me wrong, for some people choice is a luxury that they don’t have and we respect that; but where you do have that luxury, we’d like to think you will exercise the choice as wisely as possible.

Sometimes we get comments such as ‘it looks great, but isn’t it really expensive?’ well, ‘yes & no’. Is £100+ a lot to spend on a cut of meat, even if it’s British and outdoor-reared and humanely and respectfully treated? Yes, I think it probably is. But (and I am starting a sentence with it!), is £100+ a lot of money for a box of meat that might contain over 10 family meals that has still been outdoor-reared and humanely and respectfully treated by real British farmers who get a great price for it? No, I don’t think so.

One of the things we want to do at TGBW is to help you to change the way you shop forever. That might sound slightly grandiose, even a little pompous, but it’s actually a really humble idea. By offering amazing British produce from real British producers online with home delivery, we create convenience for you. By offering stunning products, we give you incredible quality. By encouraging you to buy 3 jars at once, or a whole meat pack for eating and freezing you realise that it is actually something you can do all the time. (I’ll stop there before I sound like an advert for a well-known Shopping Channel!) If a lot of us shop like this, we do change the way we shop forever.

By supporting your British producers and paying a fair price, we encourage the artisan creativity to flourish. Then we are all supporting our British business and putting money into our British economy. By shopping locally you are also reducing your carbon footprint. In time we will have ‘post code shopping’ and ‘shop by region’ to help further; but for now, enjoy that Buffalo from the Orkney Isles with a clear conscience. You are supporting a lovely lady called Naomi, the local economy and it has not travelled 7000 miles from Argentina!

Many thanks & Happy Shopping

Tom & Sarah