The Rested Cocktail Co



“At The Rested Cocktail Company we proudly produce hand crafted, small batch bottled cocktails using the best spirits and ingredients that can be sourced. Once we have created the cocktails they are allowed to rest in steel barrels for 30 days, this allows the individual ingredients to marry over time making a smoother, mellow cocktail”

“Our aim is to make the best cocktails we can without any compromise so that flawless cocktails can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, that’s why each batch is approved by us and each bottle is marked with our signature to show it”

Our Story

The Rested Cocktail Company was established in 2014 by lifelong friends with a passion for classic cocktails. 

We would regularly make up small batches of cocktails and then bottle them for parties, picnics and dinners. It made the cocktails ready to serve so that we could have great drinks with ease. 

Originally we never aged our cocktails because they weren’t around long enough, but in 2013 we started to experiment with ageing cocktails to see what effect it had on the taste. We experimented ageing cocktails in glass, oak barrels, leather sacks and finally steel.


For us steel was the winner, it allowed all the ingredients to become one without greatly altering the great taste, this extended integration allowed the individual ingredients to marry over time. The harsh notes and sharp edges of the alcohol are softened and rounded, resulting in superior smoothness and a more mellow drink.

After years of testing, aging and more testing and ageing we perfected our cocktails so that they could be bottled and enjoyed anywhere. 

A few years on and nearly a hundred test batch’s later we have a classic line up of cocktails.

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