Bloody Mary Mix

A blend of tomato juice, spices and our very own Original Pickle Juice; adding a smooth, strong, unforgettable flavour. 2 x 750ml

The Pickle House

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  • Description

    The Pickle House Bloody Mary Mix is a blend of tomato juice, spices and our very own Original Pickle Juice; adding a smooth, strong, unforgettable flavour.

    Serve over ice either on its own or with a shot of vodka and a slice of cucumber to make a seriously good Bloody Mary.

    For Cocktail suggestions for both drinks, click on the ingredients tab....

  • Ingredients




    25ml shot of whiskey followed by a 25ml shot of Original Pickle Juice. We like to use Jameson or a good Bourbon.

    Pickle House Mary

    150ml tomato juice, 25ml Original Pickle Juice, 25ml vodka, 5ml Worcestershire sauce, 5ml horseradish, Tabasco to taste and a good pinch of pepper. Also great with a shot of gin to make a Red Snapper or on its own.

    Pickle Vesper

    25ml gin, 25ml vodka, 25ml Lillet Blonde, 5ml Original Pickle Juice and a lemon peel.

    Pickled Whisky Ginger

    100ml ginger ale, 25ml rye whisky, 25ml Original Pickle Juice, 5ml honey and a squeeze of lime.

    Smoothies & Juices

    Green Detox

    125ml fresh apple juice, 100g baby spinach, 25ml Original Pickle Juice, 1/2 banana and 1/2 lime.

    Beetroot Boost

    Blend 1 beetroot, 150ml water, 1/2 an apple, 25g blueberries, 25ml Original Pickle Juice and 1 tsp grated ginger.

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