Orkney Buffalo Buffalove: steak lovers selection

Try each of our Orkney Buffalo steak types in the selection pack for steak connoisseurs

Orkney Buffalo

£56.00 Including Delivery

Our buffalo are reared on a pure grass diet, with no suppliments or grain.  This produces a slow-grown, tender and succulent meat, that is lower in fat and higher in nutrients than other red meats.  The meat is like old-fashioned beef, a little sweeter and richer in flavour.

A very healthy meat is produced, which is low in cholesterol and high in mineral content with less than half the total fat content of conventional lean beef.  

Our Steak Lovers selection contains: 

2 x Orkney Buffalo fillet,

2 x Orkney Buffalo sirloin,

2 x Orkney Buffalo rump; and

2 x Orkney Buffalorib-eye steaks.

Frozen from fresh to maintain their tasty and tender qualities. All our meat comes vacuum-packed for freshness. Steaks vary in size but the Buffalove pack contains a minimum of 1.3kg of best Orkney Buffalo steaks, raised slowly on our family farm in Orkney, Scotland.

Price includes next day delivery via Royal Main Special Delivery. We deliver our products using Woolcool insulated packaging so it arrives with you in perfect condition.

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