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We make tasty drinks that naturally make you feel good.

Our founders Julia and Kerstin travelled the world on the hunt for natural ingredients with health benefits that enhance our daily lives. Cayenne chillies instantly got their attention as they noticed that life expectancy is surprisingly high in countries that consume a lot of chillies.
They couldn’t ignore the positive effect that chilli seemed to have on people.

After a bit of research they found that capsaicin in chillies has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties. It also increases endorphin levels and provides a natural, happy feeling.

  • The NIX: No refined sugars, no artificial flavourings and no preservatives.

  • The KIX: Only the highest quality ingredients are expertly blended with a subtle kick from cayenne for depth of flavour and a surprising twist. Our chillies are from Bedfordshire where some of the world’s finest chillies are grown.
ᐧThanks for reading and happy drinking!
A little heat. A lot of happiness.
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