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Marsh Pig - Curing and Smoking Course Gift Certificate

Want to treat a loved one to some fooducation? What better way than to sign them up for a 1 day charcuterie course at the Marsh Pig HQ?

Marsh Pig

£175.00 Including Delivery

Working alongside an established Award-winning Charcuterie Artisan you will be shown how to make your own charcuterie and leave with the skills and confidence to make your own at home.

You will have a fun and informative day learning how to make delicious bacon, pancetta, biltong, beef jerky, fresh sausages and salami. As well as learning how to cure a whole muscle joint, which will produce Coppa or Bresaola.

You will take home the sausages and bacon you have made, and your very own salami will be sent to you once it has been cured.

You will also be given a collection of recipes to get you started on your curing and smoking adventure at home.

The course will take you through:

The different breeds of pigs, and the importance of quality meat selection.
Which cuts of meat are best used for curing.
Curing ingredients, and where to source them.
A range of techniques, including dry curing, cold smoking and air-drying.
You will also be shown how to build a simple cold smoker; so you can smoke all your meaty and fishy delights at home.

All ingredients, a light breakfast and an informal lunch are included in the price

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