Graveney Gin



"The first thing you should know about me is my mantra, which is summed up in one word — fun! I have fun while making, talking and sharing Graveney Gin"

-Victoria Christie 

I am inspired by the pure love of gin and what I wanted to do is bringing 3 things that I'm passionate about.

So what's number 1 you ask?

GIN MAKING! This bottle has 7 organic botanicals, including Baobab, Angelica Root and Pink Grapefruit, all distilled by hand in a copper still in the heart of London - a vibrant place called Tooting Graveney (pronounced grave-knee if you wondered).

My second passion - each bottle you buy means that I can donate to the conservation and protection of gorillas, so I want to say "thanks and cheers!" ('Gearing Up 4 Gorillas' (G4G) is the only UK charity that focuses 100% on the conservation of the mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park, eastern DR Congo, through providing funds and equipment to the rangers whose job it is to protect them.)

And last but by no means least - have fun. Having fun is my motto and that's my approach to Graveney Gin. I hope you enjoy.

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