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24 x 200ml

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  • Description
    MYTH: Tonic is meant to be clear
    FACT: the majority of drink companies use a solvent extract of quinine to give tonic an unnaturally clear appearance
    But not us...Our BTW is crafted using 100% raw & natural Quinine, allowing its beautiful amber hue to shine through.

    This results in a well balanced and all-natural Tonic Water with a unique golden hue.  Quite simply, BTW enhances the experience of your G&T….BTW…the way gin intended.

    ps. need a little help making the perfect G&T or D'Groni? Click on the Ingredients tab for a couple of ideas....

    Please note that at this time we are only able to ship BTW within the UK. If you would like to have it delivered abroad, please contact Tom for further details.

  • Ingredients

    For the perfect G&T:

    A cold bottle of BTW tonic water

    35ml Gin - @ TGBW it simply has to be Pickerings 1947 Gin (we are yet to find two better G&T partners)

    Plenty of Ice

    Or, try a D’Groni

    35ml Gin (see above!)
    35ml Sweet Vermouth
    25ml BTW Syrup
    Grapefruit peel

    Stir over ice until glass if frosted.

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