BTW Drinks



At London gin bar "214 Bermondsey", Nick Crispini set out to bring together the widest array of gins from the best distilleries. However, he & fellow gin lover Lawrence Mason found that the diversity of gin is often obscured by the taste of most commerical tonic waters.

Nick & Lawrence therefore set out to develop a new tonic, one designed to preserve & complement the unique flavours in every gin. The result is a smooth & crisp tonic with only natural quinine flavours & none of the community found cloying bitter-sweetness of other tonics.

Crafted in Bermondsey, London, the natural quinine content come from the Cinchona bark which also lends the tonic its distinctive golden hue.

BTW is available as an all-natural, ready to serve Tonic Water which must be pre-chilled before serving.

If the 'do it yourself' approach is more your thing then BTW can also be enjoyed in syrup form; essentially a highly concentrated Quinine flavoured cordial it has been designed to be mixed with carbonated water or used as a tasty and versatile cocktail component.

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