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Artisan producers of Premium Quality, Limited Batch, Welsh Raw Local Honey.....

....we are a husband and wife team, Andrew and Jacky Knapp, who keep bees at a range of locations across the rolling landscape of beautiful Monmouthshire in South Wales.

We live in a small rural village high up on the Trellech Plateau within the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and started beekeeping over 5 years ago originally with just a handful of hives on our own land. Then after a couple of years discovering the remarkable world and habits of the glorious honey bee, our bee family grew organically year on year now having a number of carefully selected and small elite apiary sites in which the bees are able to produce their own unique flavoured and delicious honey.

This model supports our vision to offer speciality single apiary honey for the discerning palate.

Uniquely unblended, every jar of our honey contains only the honey produced from the bee colonies sited at each specific apiary making it very exclusive just like a single malt whiskey!

All our honey is 100% raw, pure and natural, which means that unlike commercial honey you would find on a grocery store shelf, our honey is not pasteurised and ultra-filtered to remove all the considered impurities for display, but instead is traditionally extracted, only coarsely filtered and kept at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees at any time, which is the maximum temperature bees will maintain within their hive, to preserve all the natural pollen, vitamins, enzymes and goodness.   

Also, 100% raw honey like ours will not always look perfect as it still contains all the fabulous nutrients of natural honey in a bee hive, including possibly traces of pollen and honeycomb within the jar, and all raw clear honey will also granulate (or set) in time, but both these facts are the best proof of its quality (instructions on how to return granulated honey to clear will always be included with your order).

We can promise you though that each and every one of our exclusive Monmouthshire raw honeys will have an exquisite and unique aroma and flavour, and we hope you take the opportunity to enjoy some!   

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