What inspired you to start up TGBW?

Sarah & I are passionate about British food, drink & producers. We wanted to be able to bring all these amazing artisans together under one ‘roof’; to offer you the quality of an amazing farmer’s market, with the convenience of online shopping and home delivery.

We also wanted our partners to find all you customers who truly want to ‘buy British’ and let them get another route to market without being held to ransom by some of the large ‘unmentionables’ out there! Want more? About Us

Who is the team at TGBW?

Sarah and I (not like Withnail & I, I have a name, Tom!) and our 3 boys: Wilf, Charlie & Seán and the dog Reggie.

We could not have done any of this though without our incredible Producing Partners or the amazingly talented design and web team at a dozen eggs. Not to mention the family and friends who have supported us; and our most valuable commodity – you!

I want to find out more and follow what you do – can I?

Yes, so long as it isn’t in a ‘appear in our garden kinda way’, we take our Naturist lifestyle most seriously here at TGBW! Please sign up to our newsletter, it’s full of news about us, new partners, special events etc. Click here We are also on Twitter and we have a TGBW Facebook page too.

How British are your products?

In short, very! We think these fair Isles have incredible produce to offer and producers too and we want to support them. All our meat is British born and bred. Where our partners cannot easily obtain local produce (limes, lemons, spices etc.) they still cook, bottle and develop all products here.

What do you mean by Britain?

We mean the British Isles and we really mean it. We already have producers from as far a field as the Isles of Skye, Orkney and Man, Northern Ireland, not to mention Wales, mainland Scotland and England too. We hope to keep adding Partners to the list to get great geographical coverage and to let you shop by region or postcode in time.

Why don’t you sell individual packs of sausages?

Hmmmm, this is a tricky one and comes down to expectations. We know that the presumption of online shoppers is that they get ‘free delivery’. This might be ok for massive chains or huge producers, but our partners make in small batches and delivery charges can be crippling.

A pack of sausages for £5 is one thing, but sausages with a £5 delivery charge on top had better be bloody good sausages for a tenner. As such we ask our partners to find the best way to make delivery as affordable for them and you. In many cases this is in multiples. It is expensive to ship fresh meat, seafood, dairy and bottles, but when the packs are larger, you get much better value and something to share at a big gathering or add to the pantry or freezer to enjoy later – even more convenient!

Am I expected to eat an entire meat pack in one sitting?

Now that would be worth watching!! Half a lamb in one sitting; on your marks, get set….

If you have a big family do it’s perfect, but if not, then freeze the extra. That is how they are designed. They will be pre-butchered ready for your oven or freezer and it cuts down on shopping and car journeys too – it really is a great way to buy and shop.

How did you find all these amazing products?

It was a tough job, but we stepped up! We travelled to food shows, large and local, met people, tried food, went running and started again! We picked up contacts, recommendations and bit-by-bit got together a list of brilliant British producers and their products.

I live in [place outside of GB], can I buy from TGBW?

Sadly No. Due to the nature of what we sell (fresh produce etc.), it is very complicated and risky to ship and so (for the time being at least) we are a British business, supporting British producers for the benefit of British customers.

I live in the Highlands/Islands, can I buy from TGBW?

Maybe! Sorry to sound vague, but ultimately shipping is carried out by our partners themselves direct to you and so what they say goes! Some simply do, others will, but charge a little more and other’s cannot. If you are not sure, you can always get in touch with us at information@thegreatbritishwebsite.co.uk and we will see what’s what.

I have a problem with a delivery, what should I do?

Panic wildly, then blame someone else, it’s what we always do! Our Partners all use reputable courier and delivery services, so it should be easy to resolve, but if you’re struggling, you can contact us at information@thegreatbritishwebsite.co.uk with your order details and we will do our best to help you.

I have a problem with a product, what should I do?

See above!! Our products and their quality is at the heart of our business here at TGBW HQ and we take very seriously any issues. Sadly the odd courier breakage is inevitable when you ship a lot, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. Drop us a line and we will do what we can to put a smile back on your face.

I have a problem with a producer, what should I do?

Our Partners are lovely; that cannot be true! Have a word with us, it is most likely a simple misunderstanding and we will help to put it right. information@thegreatbritishwebsite.co.uk

Will my Delivery all come in one box at one time?

Yes, most likely if you have ordered it all from the same producer, but if you have shopped across multiple Partners (and you should!), then because it comes direct from them to you, it will come in multiple deliveries so there’s plenty to look forward to!

I have ordered some fresh meat, but I might be out, what should I do?

This is quite important, check what our partners say about deliveries, but if it needs a signature, please make sure someone is in, the courier is authorised or you could just have it shipped direct to your workplace and be the envy of all your friends!

Are there Terms & Conditions that set out the way we shop with you?

Yes, please click here

Will you send my email details out to every cold caller this side of the Wash?

No not all. We collect a little info to help your shopping experience, but we don’t sell it to anyone. We have a Privacy Policy if you’d like a good read!

I’ve eaten half the porkpie I bought, but I’m full now, can I send you back the rest and get half my money back?

How could you leave half a pie????? In short; no. We have a Returns Policy that sets out clearly what you can do. Might be worth a look at if you’re interested. Generally, damaged or sub standard goods we always want to hear about, unwanted or 'not to my taste' is part of life’s rich learning-curve as a Foodie!

You don’t have any of my favourite French cheese/wine/meats on board can I order them?

Of course, just not with us. We are massive Foodies and love food and drink from all around the world; we simply don’t support or sell it on TGBW when we have so much amazing produce on our own doorstep.

Your products look expensive, why is that?

Small batch and artisan goods can be a bit more expensive, that’s true, but often they are actually not. When you are buying with us remember that your produce is lovingly made (often by hand) by British producers. It is cared for looked after and respected at all stages of its life/production cycle.

Truth be told, it might not be that expensive either, you go to the Supermarket and see if you can buy half a hogget, out-door reared in the Black Mountains of Wales that’s had a real life and is butchered to order and delivered to your door for £100 providing meal after meal of incredible flavour and the ‘I’m buying British’ feel-good factor.

Do your Partners offer next day Delivery?

Some do, some don’t it really is up to them. Some products have a lead-in time too, so it is worth looking early. For more information, see our Delivery Policy.

How far in advance should I order from you?

The nature of highly sort-after small batch produce means it (unlike Heineken) can run out. Partners often put lead-in times on their pages and occasionally they will be sold out temporarily. They will always contact you if that’s the case and see if they can offer you something equally good that’s in stock, or we will sort a refund.

I have a nut allergy and I’m not sure if I can buy this product, help!

If it has the word ‘Nut’ in the title, my unambiguous advice is ‘don’t buy it’, particularly not from us! Our Partners try hard to list the allergens that might be present, but if you need more clarification: info@thegreatbritishwebsite.co.uk . Given that many of our partners produce in small kitchens that have multiple product uses, I would be extremely cautious if you were prone to aggressive or dangerous reactions to any product(s). In other words don’t buy it.

Why the Robin logo?

We wanted a lovely logo to have and develop and I needed a friend. We didn’t want anything too Welsh, too London, too Irish, Scottish or too anything to be honest. The Robin is plucky, friendly, very cute and quintessentially British, just like us! He was also recently named Britain’s favourite bird.

What is your Robin’s name?

We ran a pre-launch competition to name him with the help of our wonderful Christmas partners Copas Turkeys. A lovely lady who probably doesn’t want her name online wrote this: 

Austin: after the car manufacturer. Austin produced some of the first British cars and he started small with a big vision (like you guys) and succeeded. The factory in Longbridge, Birmingham was part of both war efforts stopping car production and instead making aeroplanes and parts, including those for the legendary Dambusters! Austin brought us the Allegro, The Princess and...The Mini! Austin's badge is the 'A' with wings. He had a vision, was brave, daring, adventurous and quintessentially British and captured some of the best of Britain. I believe that his name stands for all that: perfectly fitting for your helper robin!

We thought so too and loved it; so Austin was born and she won a turkey – so everyone was happy (apart from the Turkey).

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes we do

Do you have a Twitter Account?

Yes we do – we are @TomTGBW and @SarahTGBW – it is my mission in life to always have more followers than Sarah!

Can I sell with you?

If you are a brilliantly talented British food or drink producer, then we would absolutely love to hear from you: partners@thegreatbritishwebsite.co.uk

What are the benefits of selling with TGBW

Click on this link selling with us for a little bit more information.

Your website looks Amazing, where did you have it done, London, Paris, Milan?!

Thank you and it is. We were incredibly fortunate to meet a team of brilliant web, brand & logo designers in Loughborough! Chris, Fran, Jo & Danny at www.adozeneggs.co.uk are the quintessentially British, small batch, artisan designer team; a perfect partner for us @TGBW and would be for you too.

We love your pictures, where did you get them?

Some we bought and own, others we use under licence from Free Images and thank them for this great service.