Our Story

Hi, we’re Tom & Sarah and along with our three boys (Wilf, Charlie & Seán), we founded and now run TGBW (with just a little help from Reggie, our wildly enthusiastic and ever hungry chocolate brown lab!).

The Great British Website is a quintessentially British online shop that celebrates the best these Isles have to offer and brings them together in one place so that you can find meat, cheeses, deli, preserves, vegetable boxes, seafood and drinks (to mention just a few!) all in one place. You can sample Welsh Black Mountain Lamb, Orkney Buffalo, Manx Kippers, Butter from Northern Ireland and free range pork along side British curry pastes, traditional preserves, chocolates, a huge array of artisan gins spirits and cordials and fine English cheeses. All delivered to your door by our brilliant partners.

Sarah & I are passionate about British food, drink (!) and all things great about British produce. The Great British Website came about as results of this love and at times a little loss of faith.

Whilst ‘farm shops’ are flourishing, too often we found the produce was not ‘great’, ‘local’ or sometimes even ‘British’. It can be mass-produced, bottled in an ‘old worldy’ jar and with the Union Jack stamped bodly on its chest; but It lacks the quality, rusticness, charm and above all flavour of truly great British artisan produce.

On a family tramp through the beautiful Derbyshire village of Melbourne, Sarah and I stumbled across a small butcher’s shop. The meat they sell was well hung, dry, almost black and tasted incredible. Better still, we had walked through their fields and seen the herds on our way. The penny dropped, if we wanted to get this amazing produce (and tonnes more like it) out to the foodies of GB, we had to do it ourselves.

This is The Great British Website. We are passionate about produce, British produce and most importantly, British Producers. Everything we sell is produced in Britain; the vast majority is bred, sourced, reared, grown and sown here too.

We hope you will love it even half as much as we do.

Tom & Sarah